“Don't listen to the others — You are beautiful.


  • Shush
    A secure open-source read-once self-destructing messaging service.
  • Smuglr
    A browser-based multiplayer contraband smuggling game.
  • StonkURL
    "The World's #1 URL Enlarger."


DRIFTER Industrial is an abstract conglomerate —
Not encumbered by heretofore notions of spatial and/or temporal restraint,
We explore roads more multiplicitous than Frost:
Our interests diverge as the Ganges–Brahmaputra Delta.
At serendipitous arcs we buoy —
Toward omni-apparent clarity, intuitiveness, and grace;
We execute avant-garde transactions:
And traverse complex exteriors.
We have fought & stoned the great Goliath
And juxtapose The Tortoise & The Hare.